Choosing someone to help you with your best Colour palette, Signature style, Skincare and cosmetics, and not to mention a comfortable and supportive Bra is so very personal, you want to be sure you feel comfortable with your choice of Professional Consultant.

A Life Changing decision – after I had a makeover in 1987.

My Beauty business career started 29 years ago when I was farming in South Otago with my husband and family of three.
A friend invited me to have my makeup done by my future Mentor Franz Muntz (totally the most inspiring woman I’ve had the privilege to know) and together with her husband is the Owner/Directors of Beauty for You Ltd.

I had never been shown the Art of Application and had a small array of mixed colour cosmetics. I couldn’t believe the difference when the correct colours were applied professionally and from that moment I was hooked!

I had to learn this for myself!  So under Fran’s professional guidance I trained in Makeup Artistry and Skin Therapy. From there I attended every course and class available to hone my skills as a Makeup artist, Skincare therapist and Business Strategies.

Then the opportunity came in 1988 to train with Belda Academy (now known as Beauty for You) as a Colour, and Style consultant.

What a life changing decision… The doors it opened, the skills, techniques and knowledge learned through being involved in a business that rewards you every day. Some of my most satisfying moments are when I know I have made a difference in someone else’s life through sharing what I have learned.
I’m fortunate to have trained in New Zealand, USA, and Melbourne with the best in the business and over the years built up knowledge and skills that keep me up-to-date.

With the desire to supply superior products, I exclusively use Beauty for You Cosmetics, Skincare, Colour and Style unique systems, and love the fact that this company supports women’s health and wellbeing. Extensive research and care was involved in choosing the ingredients for our Natural Skincare and the Professional range of Colour Co-ordinated Cosmetics.

The Undergarment side of the business came in the year 2000 which was number of years after my initial Beauty training.

I want you to know I had spent many years with too many clothes in the wardrobe that I didn’t wear, and dressing like everyone else to fit in! My wardrobe was a fruit salad of colours which didn’t co-ordinate with one another.  I also understand the frustration of trying to find a comfortable, supportive Bra in the correct size.

When I was young the designers and stores seemed to think if you wore a size 12 you should be no larger than a C cup and usually after trying on everything they thought should fit me – I would settle for the best of a bad bunch!  Way too big around the body to compensate for a shallow cup… Well you get the picture!

An opportunity of great significance was to help introduce a number of unique services and products. The introduction of a “Totally New Concept” in bra design, the Beauty Bra, and specialised undergarments, which is a major part of my business today.

Professionally trained by the company that owned the design, I am able to train others to correctly fit the Beauty Bra.
I love the response from the ladies I personally fit to find a bra that not only looks good but feels great and gives them amazing self-esteem.

Several years ago I saw a definite need, and Registered with the Ministry of Health so I could help take care of the subsidy claims for those who have had Breast surgery.

I trained to fit a quality Breast Form so I could fit and supply the Bra and Prosthesis helping to make it a stress free experience.

What inspires me to share with others

  • I believe that every woman deserves to Look and Feel Radiant
  • It is never too Early or too late to learn about you and how you can communicate who you are through what you wear. It’s called surface language
  • I am here to help you to understand why certain colours harmonize with your unique colour combination of skin hair and eyes and all aspects of developing a style that makes you love being who you are.
  • I believe your best Colours and Style is a learned skill and I have an appreciation for what it feels like to want to always look and feel great no matter what you do.
  • To know how to achieve a look that is always right for you and how to do it with confidence can be life changing.
  • I admire many different looks and styles and know first-hand that not all of them are for me.
I truly love this business, the wonderful people I meet and get to know, and the fact that I know I have and can make a difference by sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.