Janice’s purpose of this service is to reach all women who have undergone breast cancer surgery whether that surgery was recent, a few months ago, 5, 10 or many years ago.

Janice has available a very large range of individual sizes to suit all needs.

Our Beauty Bra comes in two styles, the classic and a smooth cup, both perfect for a breast form as its unique shelf type support lifts the breast from underneath taking the weight off the neck and shoulders.

Having a correctly fitted Bra and Prosthesis is not just about comfort, but more importantly about health.

No underwire or stretch straps to cause problems and discomfort.

Our Beauty Bra comes in two styles and is the perfect garment to comfortably and securely hold your Prosthesis. These unique Bra designs not only combine comfort, support and elegant styling, it will assist lymphatic drainage by gently lifting the breast to allow circulation necessary for breast health. The bust must be supported from underneath, not suspended from the shoulders.

Janice specialises in high quality Prosthesis with many styles and sizes to assure a correct fit.

You can be assured her home based Prosthesis and Bra fitting service will be carried out in a caring professional manner with customers needs her highest priority along with complete confidentiality.

If travel to Janice is a problem arrangements can be made.

She looks forward to assisting you with a happy trouble-free experience.

Registered with the ministry of Health as a ProviderJanice can deal with your subsidy claims.