Have you experienced discomfort with your Bra?

Introducing Beauty Bra Liner® – Designed for Sensitive Skins

Helps Prevent Rashes and Irritation – Super Soft – Aids in comfort

Absorbs perspiration – Additional cushion from bra to skin – Protects against chafing, rubbing, or uncomfortable Bras and Underwires – Fantastic after Breast Surgery.

Beauty Bra Liner® – is an amazing accessory for added comfort when wearing your bra.  Designed to fit into any bra – it adds comfort and absorbs moisture to prevent irritation and rashes under the breast.  Made from 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex- it naturally draws perspiration away from the skin into the 100% cotton wadding lining. To keep your skin drier – and keeping sensitive skin calm.

The Beauty Bra Liner pictured outside the bra (is worn inside).  The tab in the middle of the liner can be worn up for additional absorption between the breasts, or down, depending on your clothing style.

Wear it all the time – for work, sports, play or dancing the night away!  You will just love the comfort and support and will never want to be without your Beauty Bra Liner.

Directions for use:  The Beauty Bra Liner has no hooks or clips to keep it on, simply place the top between your breasts and the curved portion cups your breasts.  The bottom band lies round the base of your bra (with a little exposed).  This also adds an additional layer of cushioned support.  The Beauty Bra Liner stays in place and is designed for the most sensitive parts of your skin are not touching the bra.  Since the Beauty Bra Liner is essential to skin health – always wear a clean Bra Liner.  Most customers purchase two or three liners to ensure you are always wearing a fresh one.

Beauty Bra Liner® pictured here with our Beauty Bra® Smoothie Style – a lovely smooth satin cup – ideal for fitted tops.

Your Bra cup size will determine your Bra Liner size.
Available in white Choose from cup sizes:
1. A to B     2. C to CC     3. D to DD     4. E to GG     5. H to KK

Price:  Sizes 1 to 3 $45.00  Sizes 4 and 5 $50.00 each.

Call me now to order on 03 443 9425 NZ to order or for more information

Beauty for You also specialises in our unique “Classic” Beauty Bra  available in 174 individual sizes (26A to 46KK).

No underwires, No stretch straps, No shoulder strap pull, – just amazing comfort and support.  The secret? It is our exclusive “Shelf”  support inside the bra that lifts the breast from underneath and not suspended from the shoulders.  Our personally fitted bras will give you the two things you have always wanted in a bra ..DIRECTION AND SUPPORT.