Colour is Your secret weapon

A no cost Item in your wardrobe

But! Get it wrong and it will cost you

A colour consultation is a once in a life-time investment to give you the confidence to select the right colour and  realise your full potential

Colour is a lifetime tool, enhancing your visual credibility for both career and personal benefit

Use it to save money, energy and reduce waste.

Discover how to have a wardrobe that works for you everyday and the positive effects of wearing the right hue for your complexion.

Ever been asked if you are feeling alright or told you look tired when in fact you feel fine?

Ever looked in the mirror and felt you looked dull,or boring?

Are you confused about which colours suit you best?

Do you get told you look good one day, and then no comments are made on another day?

Through a sophisticated colour consultation we will determine the most suitable colours for you.  Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel.


The Benefits of a Colour Consultation

Shopping is easier and you you will be thrilled with your purchases.

Your colours convey confidence. Knowing  your personal colours give you confidence about the way you look, NO MORE MISTAKES!

How many times have you bought the latest fashion garment? It looked great on the mannequin – got it home and relegated it to the back of the wardrobe. Sound familiar?

If your wardrobe is a fruit salad of colours that doesn’t co-ordinate with each other or too much black, its time to get sorted.

Our specialised Beauty for you Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour Analysis Consultation – consists of  an analysis with Skin Print Powders, He Level drapes, Seasonal Drapes- followed by a selection of special coordinated colours to correctly match your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour in degrees of tone, Light True Vivid and Contrasting.  Followed by Seasonal Colour Drape selection. All complimented by our advanced computer technology which will identify your very best Personal Colours.  With our unique accurate Colour by Dezine® Colour system  you will also receive a personal palette of 40 colours- especially for you!

Additional to your wardrobe colours your Colour by Dezine session® includes:

  • Hair colour options (includes best highlights for skin tone)
  • Makeup colour analysis, chart and Makeup Artistry advice
  • Consultation time 90 minutes
What Difference does it make to you wearing your best personal colours?


The Right Colour will:

  • Add radiance to your complexion, hair and eyes
  • Makes the whites of the eyes whiter
  • Smooth out small lines and wrinkles
  • Minimise any imperfections
  • Wearing the right colours mean you will look younger and more radiant
  • No dress, hairstyle or makeup can achieve the radiance created by your own personal colours


The wrong Colour will:

  • Accentuate lines and wrinkles
  • Darken and dull the complexion
  • Give a yellow tinge to the complexion
  • Emphasize shadows under the eyes and make them look darker
  • Harden the feature sand age the face
  • Accentuate any redness of the skin
  • Accentuate blemishes or imperfections
  • Give  tired unhealthy appearance


To Look Great- it is time for a Colour by Dezine  Personal colour consultation