Beauty Figure Control

You do not have to give up comfort to get control!

Our Beauty Figure Control garment gives you a great look – no matter what the view. The garment is so light – you won’t even be conscious of wearing it. But you will definitely want to.

No discomfort- relieves pressure from your lower back

This control is a specially designed abdominal support. The design of the back of the garment works with the abdominal control, takes pressure off the back by lifting the seat. It redistributes the flesh to prevent unattractive rolls and bulges and it does not distort or flatten the natural figure.

The Beauty Figure Control is available in Brief and Medium Lengths.

Colours available: Skin, Black and White. (Brief is in White only)

Beauty Waist Trimmer

Are you tired of seeing that unsightly bulge under your clothes, around your middle?  Have you tried long-line bras, only to find them uncomfortable and cumbersome?  If so… our waist-trimming undergarment is for YOU!  Our simple, breathable, front-hook closing, Waist Trimmer helps you look your best whether you are dressed for a day at the office or for your special occasions.

Not only does it give you a streamlined waist it provides you with excellent back support:

Customers who suffer back problems find garment this one of the best supports and I have supplied Farmers, builders, people who stand on their feet all day with their job, and others recovering from surgery

Beauty Waist Trimmer greatly complements your Beauty Bra and Beauty Figure Control.  When all three are worn together, they create a beautifully enhanced appearance.  Comfortably slims your figure and creates – A NEW YOU!

Colours: Skin, White and Black.  Sizes: 28 inch to 42 inch.

Undergarments Shapewear – Beauty Pregnancy Support

Why suffer unnecessary discomfort??

At this most joyful time in life, you want to be free from unnecessary discomfort, free to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

The revolutionary Beauty Pregnancy Support virtually eliminates many of the preventable discomforts associated with pregnancy. It helps you to experience a feeling of lighter weight and more energy, with less pressure on veins, abdomen and bladder. Non-constricting, it helps provide the needed support and lift with its unique “cradle” which distributes the weight evenly onto the back hips, eliminating the strain on the foetus and many of the internal organs.

A soft panty style garment, made of cotton for comfort and absorbency, polyester for strength and quick drying, Lycra for a more controlled stretch. The triangular fabric, which is sewn to the middle point of the garment becomes a ‘cradle’, lifting and protecting the distended abdomen. When the two end-tabs of the triangular piece are attached to the Velcro in the back of the garment, it distributes the weight around the body. This provides a firm back support that is easily adjustable to accommodate physical changes as the baby grows. Consequently there is a lighter, more carefree feeling of comfort, instead of a heavy strain on the whole body.


  • Gives immediate sense of comfortable support
  • Helps relieve pain and pressure from Diastasis (separation of the adbominis muscle)
  • Alleviates pain relating to ligamentous relaxation
  • Provides more energy. Less fatigue an increase feeling of well being
  • In many cases relieved back pain and abdominal pressure
  • Helps maintain the centre of gravity to prevent possible falls
  • Improves posture
  • Minimises swelling of feet and ankles due to poor circulation
  • Helpful to women who stand on their feet for long periods of time, such as: nurses, teachers, waitresses, hairdressers
  • Less bladder pressure
  • Supports a multiple birth pregnancy
  • Supports breached pregnancies
  • Supports and abdominal Hernia

 Shapewear – Beauty Tummy Support

Beauty Tummy Support – a soft approach to tummy support

The Beauty Tummy Support is made from soft fabric and is easy to put on and adjust according to your own needs. The design is unique, as the triangle insert – which is sewn into the middle of the garment lifts and supports the abdomen. When the two end-tabs of the triangle are attached to the Velcro at the back of the garment it distributes the weight around the body. This provides back support, which can be easily adjusted to accommodate physical changes. You will love the comfort, flattening and support of this special garment, and will look and feel great in your clothes!


  • This garment is especially supportive after surgery and is recommended by Surgeons post
  • Abdominal operations for support!
  • Helps prevent a prolapsed uterus after childbirth
  • Protects postoperative sensitivity
  • Helps protect a hernia condition
  • Helps relieve menstrual cramps
  • Less bladder pressure
  • Provides a feeling of more energy, because it reverses the pull of gravity and anchors it in the back hip area
  • Can be adjusted for a tighter fit after it is put on. This is an advantage for people who find it difficult to pull on tight garment


  • Helps relieve chronic backaches
  • Helps relieve ‘Pendulous Abdomen’
  • Gives a more slender silhouette with a natural look from behind
  • Supports after a Caesarean Section
  • Supports after a Hysterectomy
  • Supports after any abdominal surgery

After Pregnancy: This garment slightly lifts and gently supports the still swollen abdomen, allowing the organs that encountered the greatest stress and pull of gravity to heal in their proper position. As a result, the new mother should experience more comfort and renewed energy as she recovers after the birth of her baby.