In the quest to wear sexy undergarments do women jeopardize their health?

Statistics show that 80% women are wearing the wrong size bra, not only that, poor design can cause health and posture problem.

Chiropractors will tell you that an ill-fitting bra with stretch straps and underwire can place tremendous pressure upon the shoulders and spine leading to shoulder and neck strain. The larger the breasts the more potential suffering, as many Chiropractors and their women patients will attest.

The Beauty Bra was designed by a woman who understood the discomforts of an ill-fitting garment. The Chiropractic Bra everyone is clamouring to get their hands on supports the breast tissue from underneath, it doesn’t suspend the breasts from the shoulders, therefore relieves cervico-thoracic pain almost instantly, in suffering female patients.

This bra is for women in all phases of her life and has the largest known range of cup sizes (178) from 26A through to 46KK.

Great for small to fuller figures, mother-to-be, and ladies who have had a mastectomy. Sports minded people find the Beauty bra extremely comfortable as there is no “bounce” and it eliminates stretching and sagging.

The breast should be positioned so the point of the breast is halfway between the shoulders and the elbow, where nature designed it to be.

The Beauty Bra has NO Under-wire, NO stretch Straps, and NO Shoulder Strap Pull.

It is important that women take care of their breasts. Wearing ill-fitting garments that give little or no support and redirect the breast tissue, impeding circulation and lymphatic drainage will interfere directly with cellular health. This well constructed cleverly designed bra was only introduced to New Zealand several years ago but has been sold throughout the world for some 30 years. It gives direction, support, comfort and security, by defying the laws of gravity. The French call this bra Soutien-Gorge, translated it means “Throat Support”.

Support your breasts which support your throat…”Could eliminate the need for a face-lift tomorrow! A thought to ponder!

The Beauty bra is a dress makers dream and a must have fashion accessory with the ability to maximise and enhance smaller breasted woman and minimise the fuller breasted woman giving a slimmer and more youthful look and appearance. The elegant styling makes this bra a must have item suitable for every occasion.

The Beauty bra is the “Roll Royce” in Bra design.

The Beauty Bra takes pressure off the brachial plexus and neck/shoulder region by sensibly supporting the weight of the breast tissue from below, and re-distributing the weight across the chest wall.

Dr. Keith Livingstone, B.App.Scvi (Chiropractic)

How many of these problems can you relate to?

•  Bra rides up at the back
•  Cups are too small
•  Back pain
•  Bruising caused by under wire
•  Shoulder strap pull
•  Bra cutting into area under breast
•  Breast tissue sagging
•  Bra loses its shape
•  Straps fall off shoulders.

Worse still!

•  Do you suffer from headaches that nestle deep at the base of the skull?
•  Do you get horrible tension in the big muscles that slope from the neck into the shoulders?
•  What about right between the shoulder blades?
•  Do your hands go to sleep, especially around the little fingers? Does the inside of your forearm go numb and tingly to the elbow? How about up into the armpit region? By any chance, do you get heart palpitations or even sweaty palms all the time?

If you think you suffer any of these things, try a little experiment. Get your right hand and press your fingertips firmly into the bellies of the big sloping muscles that go from shoulder to neck (these are the upper trapezius muscles) A bit touchy??? Ok. Keep going Slide your fingers forward, and dig into the front of that muscle, and the muscle below, in the space of the collarbone. Tingly? Feel any radiating discomfort down the arm? OK.. Now dig those fingertips into the muscle immediately under the middle of each collar bone. Ouch?

You are probably suffering Posture Problems. One culprit can be an ill-fitting bra where the breast sags forward on stretch straps with no support from an underwire that sits against the chest wall. (An underwire only serves to support the shape of the material in the bra, not your breast!) This will cause it to ride up at the back contributing to a posture problem. There are many testimonials to the fact that the Beauty Bra corrects these problems and give relief from back, neck, and muscle tension.

This is from a lady who suffered Thoracic Outlet Syndrome pain during pregnancy:

At the beginning of the second trimester of my Pregnancy I started experiencing numbness and very painful tingling in my arms and hands. It got a lot worse at night, so much so that I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time before waking up in pain.

The painful tingling and numbness was caused by a network of nerves being pinched in an area above the first rib and collarbone. This area’s called Thoracic outlet area which is a kind of shared highway for arteries beneath the collarbone that which supply blood to the arms, as well as a network of nerves to the arms and hands.

Unfortunately, the extra weight and downward pull of my breasts brought on by pregnancy were constricting the Thoracic outlet and pinching the nerves painfully.

I desperately needed relief from the constant tingling and sharp pains- and I desperately needed a good night sleep. Basically, I needed to have the weight lifted of my chest. Then I read on the net how another mum-to-be who also suffered from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome found relief when she got a Beauty Bra (formally known as Jeunique bra). Amazed, I went to my wardrobe and got out the Bra I bought for my wedding,(it had given me a great look on my wedding day!) It had become too small because of my pregnancy, but I was desperate so put it on anyway. Within an hour most of the tingling and numbness had gone. I went to sleep that night with the bra on and had a much better sleep than before.

Ah, what relief! As soon as I could I contacted Janice Cleghorn   for a fitting to get the right size bra and within hours the last signs of discomfort disappeared altogether.

Beauty Bras (formally known as Jeunique) really are unique, there’s nothing out there quite like it (believe me, I’ve looked).  The banderine is a brilliant invention which lifts the breast to the position where natured and body mechanics designed then to be. (Before gravity and stretch straps let them down!)  Most importantly where I needed then to be!

L Milne.