Beauty for You is proud to introduce 100% Natural Botanicals Skin Care range to give you additional choices.

Why Botanicals? The easy answer is ‘why not’? Apart from sun protection and good internal nutrition, everything else our skin needs can be provided FROM NATURE using only the bounty of plants. By using only plant derived ingredients you can effectively cleanse, moisturise, pamper and actively treat your skin without needing to use by-products of animals, or synthetic chemicals which may irritate your skin.

Where possible we source our precious ingredients direct from the grower in New Zealand, which helps to ensure the quality and integrity or our products. We know our discerning customers appreciate the benefits of using products that are 100% Natural, 100% New Zealand Made, Plant based, 100% Vegan and Not Tested on Animals.

Free from: Wheat derivatives, palm oil, coconut oil, synthetic perfumes or preservatives, alcohol, formaldehyde releasers, grape seed extract, parabens, phenoxyethanol and genetically modified ingredients.

Aloe Vera Gel

Extract has antibacterial and antifungal actives and is known for its healing powers. Helps to reverse scaring and speed healing, Aloe is also an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It is often reported that burns can be healed remarkably well, quickly and the pain also reduced very quickly with topic application.

Aloe Vera Gel is very cooling on the skin – it soothes, it softens and it moisturises – excellent for: Hydrating dry skin, reducing scars, liver spots, fine lines, wrinkles, marks and blotches, acne, boils, inflamed joints, scalds, itchy allergic conditions, insect stings and bites, eczema, psorasis, minor burns, sunburn and wound healing.

Although Aloe is about 99% water, the remaining 1% is extremely powerful and it is thought this is because the close to 100 ingredients work extremely well together (synergistically). Aloe Vera contains protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12 and E, essential fatty acids and naturally rich in: Vitamin C which helps maintain tone of blood vessels and promotes good circulation and is essential to the health of the adrenal gland, which supports our body it times of stress.

Xanthum gum

Xanthan Gum is a natural emulsifier and stabiliser, derived from corn sugar. With amazing properties including solubility in both hot and cold water, tolerance to salt, tolerance to pH and temperature changes, it is ideal for thickening and adding volume to lotions, creams and gels. It also works well as a suspension agent.

Pelgargonium graveolans (geranium essential oil)

Geranium Essential Oil has a sweet, floral fragrance that calms and relaxes the body and mind. It has been used back to the times of the Egyptians for promoting beautiful, radiant skin amongst other things The cosmetic effect of the geranium oil is beneficial for sensitive, injured and dry skin. It eliminates rashes, inflammations and quickly regenerates the skin after burns and chilblains, leaving it smooth and young. The geranium oil may also be used to control skin infections, including cold sore. It is effective for varicose veins and piles, adding to relieving the inflammatory, swelling, spasmodic and pain syndromes.


Are water soluble aromatic extracts produced when plant material is steam distilled for the essential oil. All cosmetics need a water component and most use just water. By using Hydrosols there is are additional aromatic molecules in the formula which have their own action.

Betain (sugar beet)

Is a food grade moisturizer, and anti-irritant, naturally derived from a renewable source of Beet Sugar. Being a betaine, and one of the four classes of osmolytes, it acts to maintain intracellular water levels, preventing damage due to environmental stressors such as UV radiation, and oxidation. This important function allows the cells to function more efficiently, preventing damage, and the dehydration, responsible for the look of parched, sallow, and discolored skin.

Unlike traditional humectants, which draw moisture from the environment, it adds hydration directly, through it’s abundant source of sacharides, making it a suitable choice for any climate or environment. With it’s cellular hydrating activity it is the perfect choice for any formulas designed to improve skin function, especially anti-aging skin care and super moisturizing body care.

Skin becomes dry for two reasons prolonged exposure to the elements and physical and chemical changes to the skin as a result of aging. This can be improved by either stopping the loss of water from the skin, or by restoring lost moisture. Designed to restore that lost hydration. Hydration is critical for a more youthful appearance because skin may become wrinkled at any age but, dry, lack lustre skin is a definite reflection of aging.

Harakeke NZ Flax extract

The Harakeke extract is produced in New Zealand using two processes to capture both the water soluble and fat soluble components of the seeds, which have both anti inflammatory and soothing properties.
This has emollient and anti inflammatory properties and suit a range of skin types.

Geogard® Ultra (Sodium Bensoate 22%min Gluconolactone 70% min)
Is a multifunctional specialty additive for cosmetics and toiletries. Used as a (Preservative)

1. Preservation
• Naturally-derived product
• Broad Spectrum protection
• Globally accepted

2. Moisturisation
• Improves skin moisture content
• General recongnised as Safe (GRAS) ingredients
• Exeptional toxicity profile, long history of use, non –sensitizing and non – irritating.
• Broad Compatibility with cosmetic ingredients
• No animal testing, non GMO

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil is from the nuts of the argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in Morocco. Argan oil is said to have restorative and age-defying effects. It is very moisturising and is quickly absorbed, is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles.

It helps to protect and regenerate the skin, leaving it soft and supple and is good for damaged and mature skin also.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate seed oil is an extremely rich and nutritious oil. It contains high levels of antioxidants that fight free radicals and skin ageing. Because of these properties, pomegranate seed oil is used to heal, protect and moisturise dry, cracked , mature and irritated skin to bring elasticity the skin and for eczema and other skin problems.
Pomegranate seed oil is commonly used in cosmetic products to revitalise dull or mature skin, assist with wrinkles, and to soothe minor skin irritations. It adds moisture has natural estrogenic properties, antimicrobial, improves skin elasticity, and protects the skin. It provides relief from minor skin irritations and inflammation, including dry skin eczema, psoriasis and sunburned skin.

Seabuckthorn oil

For many hundreds of years, inhabitants of the Sea Buckthorn’s native habitat have used oil squeezed from its berries to revitalize their skin and even to help wounds heal. Today, people all over the world can buy Sea Buckthorn berry oil and find out just how effective it is. All-natural, perfectly safe, and providing a multitude of additional health benefits, this oil more than lives up to the current popularity that it enjoys.

Sea Buckthorn berry oil contains a wealth of the nutrients, proteins, and essential fatty acids that make skin healthy and strong. When applied directly to the skin, the oil prevents the development of wrinkles and has an anti-aging effect on its appearance. Best of all, when the oil is absorbed into the skin it does not cause drying like many moisturizing products and lotions do. It also partially shields the skin’s surface from the sun’s UV rays, acting as a low-level sunblock.

Sea Buckthorn berry oil carries anti-inflammatory agents that reduce disease, plus large quantities of skin-nourishing vitamins that promote good health.

Pure Rose oil – Rosa damascena

Origin of rose oil

‘Rosa’ comes from the Greek ‘roden’ meaning ‘red’, as the ancient rose was thought to have been crimson.

Anicenna, the 10th century Persian physician, used the rose as his first plant to distill and a rose distillery existed in 1612 in Shiraz, Persia.

Rose petals were scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage and are still a symbol of love and purity and are also used to aid meditation and prayer.

It takes about 60,000 roses (about 180 lb) to make one ounce ( 29.57 ml) of rose otto – or to put in a different way – 40,000 kilograms to make 1 litr of rose otto.

When rose oil is included in a cream or lotion, it stimulates the skin, while moisturizing and hydrating, boosting all skin types and being particularly beneficial to dry, mature and sensitive skin.

It helps to reduce skin redness, fight inflammations, as well as fix broken capillaries on the skin and also acts as a general skin tonic with its astringent properties.